Flash Stick FAQ

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What is a USB Flash Drive?

The acronym USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB Flash Drives, also known as Flash Sticks, Thumb Drives, Keys, and Jump Drives, are a form of removable data storage. USB Flash Drives utilize flash memory that interfaces with a universal serial bus to connect to computer systems. USB Flash Drives can be written with data and rewritten many times over.

What are some Common Applications using USB Flash Drives?

There are numerous uses and applications for USB Flash Drives including:

  • Personal File Storage
  • Marketing, Product, and Brand Promotion
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Giveaways & Incentives
  • Portfolios for Creative Groups & Artists
  • Software Distribution
  • Video Reels for play in department stores
  • Music & Media Distribution
  • Media Updates for Video Kiosks
  • Distribution of Sensitive Company Documents
  • Embedded Systems Updating & Control
  • Sewing Machine Pattern Transfer
  • Operating System Installations & Deployments
  • Wedding Memorabilia & Graduation Gifts
  • Photo Booth Applications

What are some Common Storage Capacities of Flash based Memory?

The most common capacities of modern flash memory storage are:
1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and up.

What are your most popular models and styles of USB Flash

We carry a very large selection including the all popular Metal Swivel for those who want a classic sturdy and bold looking stick. If you got something to say...check out all of the possibilities with our new and soon to become blockbuster the T-Shirt Flash. If a small profile is what you are looking for then the mini slider, mini swivel or the micro blade may just fit the bill. We have to mention the Jersey model because the classic design is perfect for logos with web addresses and contact information, this model continues to be one of our most popular ever. Applications, preferences and selection all help determine the best model for you. There is a lot more to choose from so take a look at our site, we've included graphics and specification to help you decide or tell us what you want to achieve and let us offer up suggestions and samples.

Tell me about printing on my USB Flash?

We developed a specialized print process that allows us to print in high resolution and full color on USB Flash media. Many companies will charge you for the number of colors you are printing because they employ older technologies such as pad or screen printing. Our state of the art digital printing will deliver brilliant, clear and rich colors and your price is the same for single or multi color designs.

Can you match my corporate logo colors?

Yes we can and we love this sort of thing! Show us what we are matching and we'll have a proof in your hand in 24 hours.

Can I be sure that what you print will be exactly what we want?

There is only one real way to be 100% sure. We offer the only 24 Hour USB Flash Stick Proof in the industry. That's right, we'll print up an actual USB Flash stick and send it out for your approval in 24 hours. Show it your boss or your customer and see it for yourself and be assured that your USB Flash designs will be exactly what you want.

How long will it take to print my order?

Typical orders can print, copy and ship in 3-5 business days. Some quantities and models may take additional time. Because of our unique print process we can setup and provide you partial shipments to keep you in-stock.

What is variable data printing?

To use an example let's say you wanted to print 500 USB Flash with your company logo on one side and different employee names on the second side. The different names would be what we call "variable data" and yes we can do this for you! You provide the data and for a small additional fee we can deliver to you 500 personalized unique USB Flash Sticks.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

If you have a need for less than 100 then contact us anyway. We would like to help and because of our special printing process smaller quantities are possible and may let us serve you where other companies can not.

What is the Difference between USB Flash Sticks and Memory Cards?
  • USB Flash Sticks consist of a Controller Chip that manages the storage and retrieval of data from the on-board memory chip. Typically, they have a small Read/Write indicator light on their top side or end.
  • Memory Cards such as Secure Digital (SD), SD High Capacity(SDHC), MicroSDHC, Compact Flash(CF), and other camera cards do not contain a Controller Chip. These types of cards rely on adapters and other types of Multi-Card Readers to connect to a computer system's USB ports
What is Duplication or Data Preload?

When you need content copied to multiple USB Flash Drives, we can preload your data onto your flash devices using specialized machines. By sending us your USB Drive Master or uploading your source files, we can produce exact copies of said data, in any quantity specified

What is Data Verification?

Data Verification ensures that all copies that are produced completely match the source files from which they came. This is also known as Copy & Compare. At Diversified Systems, we verify every USB Flash Device to their source content after duplicating. We also randomly choose copied media from every copy & compare cycle to be re-compared on separate systems to insure a 100% match to your master source files.

What Types of Flash Storage Media can we Preload with data?

We can preload(duplicate) any USB Flash Sticks, Secure Digital (SD) Cards, SD High-Capacity (SDHC) Cards, and MicroSDHC Cards. We can also preload data onto other types of cards upon special request. We are constantly expanding our capability and would be happy to help you with any of your Duplication needs.

What is a Volume Label and Does it Affect Functionality of my Flash Device?

A Volume Label is a name that shows next to the device icon when plugged into a computer. On Microsoft Windows systems this would show next to the Drive Letter seen in “My Computer” ie: CompanyName(F:) A Volume Label it is not necessary and does not impact the functionality of your device. By default, Microsoft Windows systems will show “Removable Storage” next to the Drive Letter if no Volume Label is specified.

Can you Bulk Format My USB Flash Drives with a Volume Label?

Yes! If you would like your blank USB Flash Sticks to show a Volume Label representing the device when plugged into a computer, we can do it! Some good examples of this are “Sales_Docs” , “DSG_Inc”, or “Portfolio”. Provide us with the Volume Label that you would like, and make sure that it is 11 characters or less in length.

How Do I Create a Physical USB Drive or Memory Card Master for Duplication/Preload?

If you choose to send us your Master for Duplication, also known as “Data Preload”, adhere to the following steps below:

  1. Ensure that all of the files intended to reside on your USB Drive Master are present on your local computer's hardrive.
  2. Insert your USB Drive or Memory Card into any USB port on your system.
  3. Through your computer's browser, select all of the files and folders that you wish to reside on your USB Drive Master and drag them to the device.
  4. Once all files have transferred, test your newly created USB Drive Master to ensure that it functions as you wish.

How Do I UPLOAD My USB Flash Stick Master Content?

Whether your master content is on a local USB flash stick or a folder on your computer's hard drive, following these steps will insure a proper upload.

  1. Open the folder on your computer or root folder of connected USB stick that contains your master content.
  2. Select / Highlight all of the contents within the root folder of your USB flash stick or folder on your computer.
  3. For Windows systems, right-click and select "Send To" "Compressed (zipped) Folder". For any other operating system, simply create and zipped archive out of the folder that contains all files that you want seen on the root directory of your final content master.
  4. Follow this link or open a web browser and paste "http://upload.dsgi.com" , without the quotation marks, into the address bar.
  5. Fill in all fields with your information.
  6. In the "Notes" section on the upload screen, specify a name for your flash stick that is 11 characters or less. This is the "Volume Label" for the USB flash stick(s) that we will be producing. You can also specify to leave the volume label blank.
  7. Press the "Browse" button, select your master content archive file, and finally press the "Upload File" button.

How Fast are USB Flash Drives and Flash Memory Cards?

  • While different brands and models vary, most USB Flash Drives support Write Speeds of 3-6 Mb/s (Megabits per Second) and Read Speeds of 10 Mb/s and up.
  • Flash Memory Cards such as Secure Digital (SD), SD High-Capacity(SDHC), MicroSDHC, and others have what is called a Class Rating that represents their Minimum Write Speeds. Common Classes are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and so forth. A Class 4 writes at no less than 4 Mb/s, a Class 6 Writes at no less than 6 Mb/s.

Do We Test the Quality of Flash Memory Devices?

Always! Our obsession for Quality Media began 30 years ago with Floppy Diskettes and evolved toward to new technologies. Integrity means everything, and over the years we have perfected our Quality Testing Procedures and Control capabilities immensely. Working closely with select vendors to source only the best “Tier-1” and “Original” Flash Memory Devices, we test all new shipments and models within our facility before providing them to you. You can rest assured that what you get is a product with integrity, pure and simple.

How Does Diversified Systems Test New Flash Media Devices?

We start with physical inspection that covers everything inside and outside of the device, with random checks across new lots. From look & feel, to Controller & Memory Chip inspection, we cover it all. Using specialized hardware and software, we test for Write/Read Performance, Error Scanning, and consistency within any given new lot of Flash Memory Devices

Can you Preload data onto USB Interfaced Hard Drives and Solid State Drives?

Yes, and we continually evaluate new storage technologies in our lab. If you have a special project or any questions regarding the deployment of these higher capacity drives, we would be glad to help you find a solution.