Private Label - DSGI Advantage

The DSGI Advantage

Diversified Systems would like to be your supplier of custom printed optical media(CD, DVD, Blu-Ray DVD). Located in Redmond, Washington, just east of Seattle, our company has been providing computer media printing and duplication services for over 30 years. When evaluating suppliers for your optical media printing needs, please consider the following advantages that doing business with Diversified Systems can offer you.

High Quality CD/DVD Media with Factory Direct Pricing

CD SpindlesDiversified has direct relationships with many of the leading optical media manufacturers. JVC(formerly Taiyo Yuden), Falcon Media, MAM-A, Verbatim, Imation - all Diversified suppliers - are highly regarded for their ability to consistently produce high quality CD and DVD products. Diversified maintains an extensive inventory of optical media and packaging products ready for immediate shipment. As a high-volume purchaser, we are able to provide our clients with very competitive pricing, even at smaller quantities.

Multiple, High Quality, Printing Solutions for CD and DVD Media

equipmentDiversified provides a choice of high quality solutions for custom printed CD and DVD media that fit low, medium, and high volume requirements of our clients. Choose from full color digital printing, full color offset printing, and up to 6 color silk screen printing. Each customer application is different. Your Diversified Systems representative will work closely with you to find an optimum solution that provides high quality printing, timely order fulfillment, and still meets your budget.

Highly Qualified Operators Provide Superior Printing

operatorsWhen you combine state of the art equipment, a highly motivated and capable staff, and rigorous quality control, you get outstanding printing. That's what we do at Diversified and we do it every day. Our staff receives regular training on all aspects of custom CD and DVD printing. Our combined staff experience exceeds 25 years, printing millions of discs for over 15,000 customers worldwide.

In-House Graphics Support and Design Personnel

Art PersonelDiversified provides a full compliment of graphic design and support services to assist customers in producing the best artwork possible. Final printing results depend heavily on having good, clean artwork right from the start. Templates are available on our website. All artwork is pre-flighted and proofed with the client before printing commences. We support all major design programs on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Responsive Turn Times Help You Meet Your Deadline

Responsive Turn TimesWith our knowledge of custom printing, machine capacity, and readily available media, we generally are able to turn jobs within 4-5 working days from receipt of proof approval. Reruns typically run in 3-4 working days from receipt of order. We'll work closely with you to ensure your product is delivered on time, every time.

Total Control Means Better Pricing for Our Customers

Total ControlSince Diversified controls all the processes involved in the custom printing of CD and DVD media, you know you're getting the best price possible. When you deal direct with Diversified you know you are working with the company that does the work, not a middle man.

Diversified is the Place for Custom Printed CD & DVD Media

Custom Printed MediaAdd it all up. Quality media, high-tech printing equipment, a well trained staff, and timely order processing - while dealing direct with the manufacturer - leads to superior product at competitive prices. Diversified systems offers the best value today in custom printed CD and DVD media. Give us a call at 800-255-3142 to discuss your needs today!