FAQ - Packaging

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What generic packaging items do you stock?

Diversified has an extensive inventory of generic packaging items for use with CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray media. You will find jewel cases (standard and slim line), poly cases and clam shells, DVD boxes (standard and slim line), sleeves (paper, cardboard and vinyl), and mailers. You may purchase packaging items individually or in combination with other products offered by Diversified that include custom printed media and printed inserts and covers.

What custom printed items do you offer for optical media applications?

Diversified offers a number of custom printed products for optical media applications. CD/DVD inserts and tray cards that fit both standard and slim line jewel cases, DVD cases covers and inserts that will work with standard or slim line DVD boxes, sleeves (paper and cardboard), wallets, and mailers that can hold single or multiple discs. Custom printed items are available for both short run and large volume requirements. We are also more than happy to work with you to provide a custom solution for special needs packaging specific to your application.

What type of jewel cases do you offer and how are they packaged?

We have both standard (10mm) and slim line (5.2mm) jewel cases. Standard jewel cases are sold either assembled or unassembled. Assembled cases have the tray (black or clear) inserted into the clear jewel box. This is typically the choice of customers who are not using a tray card as part of their total package. If your application uses a tray card, then you will want to buy unassembled jewel cases where boxes and trays are packaged separately. Slim line cases will hold a front insert, but not a tray card and are available with either a black or clear frosted tray for securing your disc. Printed inserts (not tray cards) should work with either a standard jewel case or a slim line case.

Do you have jewel cases that will hold more than a single disc?

Yes we do. We stock two disc jewel cases that are the same size as a standard size jewel case. These cases employ a swivel tray to hold the two discs and allow for inserts and a tray card in the same manner as a standard single disc case. Please contact your sales representative if your application requires more than two discs and you wish to use jewel case packaging.

What is the difference between a poly case and a jewel case?

Poly cases sold by Diversified Systems are a great alternative to the standard or slim line jewel case. Poly cases are manufactured using a soft polymer based material rather than the hard poly carbonate typically used for jewel cases. While jewel cases tend to break because they are a hard plastic, poly cases typically do not break and are virtually indestructible. Pricing is about the same for a poly case and a jewel case. Poly cases have a thickness similar to the slim line jewel case, generally are lighter and cost less to ship.

What type of DVD cases do you offer?

DVD cases are similar to jewel cases in that they have two basic sizes (standard 14mm) and slim line (7mm). Diversified offers both standard and slim line DVD cases in either black or clear finishes. The black finish is typically a recycled product, while clear cases are usually manufactured using virgin material. You will find that clear cases generally cost more than their black counterparts, sometimes by a significant amount. DVD cases have a clear slip cover that typically holds a custom printed DVD case cover, while additional printed material can be inserted under special clips on the inside front cover of the case. There are DVD cases that Diversified offers that hold more than a single disc. For two discs, you will want to use either the side by side or flip tray variety of DVD case. Both two disc cases have the same dimensions as a single disc case, but offer two separate approaches for storing the multiple discs. If you need cases that store more than two discs, please contact your sales representative to learn more about multi disc DVD cases available from Diversified Systems.

What are the options you offer for generic sleeves?

Diversified offers paper, cardboard, and vinyl sleeves. Paper and cardboard sleeves are available with or without a window. Window sleeves have a cellophane window that allows the user to view the printed disc image without removing the disc from the sleeve. The paper window sleeve has an additional flap that further secures the disc in the sleeve. Paper window sleeves are the preferred method for cost effective packaging for optical media. Vinyl sleeves usually are clear and provide secure packaging and easy viewing of the enclosed disc. Diversified offers a special adhesive vinyl sleeve that can be attached to the back of a book, magazine, or insert which provides a tamper proof seal for the enclosed disc.

What mailers do you offer for optical media?

You will find a number of options available for generic mailers for optical media on the Diversified website. Standard single fold and double fold mailers with peel and seal closure are ideal for mailing a single disc. You will also find traditional and peel and seal stayflat mailers in varying sizes that can hold single or multiple discs plus additional printed information. The one-way mailer is a special size, single disc mailer, optimized for minimal postage usage, yet safe delivery.